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    28 APR 2011 列印 E-mail


    Freedom of expression


    • LSD members charged acting in disorderly manner

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    • League of Social Democrats’ member Steve Wong was charged yesterday with acting in disorderly manners over an incident in March in which Chief Executive Donald Tsang said he was hurt during a protest outside the Museum of History in TST.
    • Police said Wong will appear in court on May 4.
    • Another LSD member Penny Keung was arrested at his home yesterday morning for throwing corn flour during a demonstration outside the Central Government Liaison Office to demand for the release of melamine milk activist Zhao Lianhai.


    • The fact that Wong was charged with disrupting public order instead of common assault means Wong did not attack Chief Executive. After the incident, Chief Secretary Henry Tang had condemned the use of violence. The populist politics has undermined the freedom of expression of Hong Kong.
    • It is political persecution. People are puzzled why Wong, a commoner who exercises his civic liberty, is charged with disrupting public order. That’s more than populist politics.
    • While Wong is charged with disrupting public order, Keung was arrested for throwing corn powder. A double warning is sent to LSD, and it is a threat to civil and political liberty.