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    3 MAY 2011 列印 E-mail


    Labor Policy


    • Minimum wage ordinance takes effect on May 1

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    • Thousands took to the street on May 1 to demand for a range of better working conditions, including paid lunch breaks and rest days, and the yearly review of the minimum wage law.
    • Complaints about measures taken by employers to offset the statutory wage increases had become increasingly common.
    • Secretary for labor and Welfare Mathew Cheung said the government would step up inspections to make employers were complying the law.


    • Although the government introduced guideline for the forthcoming minimum wage law, it has left at least two critical issues – whether workers were to be paid for meal breaks and rest days – unresolved. The government said these two issues should be settled between employers and employees. It leaves the grassroots labor at a disadvantage.
    • The newest labor law should be improved and strengthened. The government should state out if the meal breaks and rest days are paid or not.