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    • The government has launched a four-month public consultation on whether national education should be made as a compulsory subject for all schoolchildren.
    • Under the newly-released proposal, schools would have to spare up to 50 hours a school year, or about two lessons a week, for the new subject.
    • The student would then learn to sing the national anthem, attend national-flag-raising ceremonies, understand the Basic Law, support national sports teams.
    • Students will be assessed under the criteria such as whether they feel happy to be Chinese, or consider the needs of the country when planning their future.
    • It is proposed the subject would be introduced primary schools next year and secondary schools in 2013.


    • The national education program proposed by the government is one-sided, focusing the good side of being Chinese. So how about the bad side? That’s why the democrats fear it will open to brainwash.
    • It focuses the end, rather than the beginning, that is, where do we start? In the case of Hong Kong, it is certainly related to us, i.e. what is Hong Kong indeed? Better we know ourselves, better we know our country.
    • It is an identity-building program, pushing Hong Kong student to identify mainland. Perhaps, it is better to take it as a journey, an identity-searching journey.