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    • After Executive Council Convener Leung Chun-ying further Hinted he might run for the Chief Executive next year, Chief Secretary Henry Tang will not say in an exclusive interview with SCMP whether he will run for the post, but he has literally unveiled his policy platform for the first time.
    • In an exclusive interview with SCMP, Tang stopped short of declaring his intention to run for the office. ‘I will continue under the leadership of my chief executive. My term still has nearly 14 months to go’
    • He however wanted to impress his constituency by revealing his pro-business stance. As a chairman of the Community Care Fund, Tang believes the rich and powerful should not be blamed for the widening wealth gap. Rather the post-80s generation should ask themselves why they can’t be the next Li Ka-shing.
    • He is also cautious in commenting two potential rivals – Rita Fan, the member of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee and Leung Chun-ying. He praised Fan   for her people skills while respected Leung’s ability and wished Leung well in whatever pursuit he decides to pursue.


    • Though carefully carved and articulated, Tang’s interview is disappointing. First to mention is he never touches on the heated topics of universal suffrage. Secondly, his ‘policy address’ is nothing but a bunch of cliché. The worst may be he intentionally sided with the big corporation while continued preaching Hong Kong is still open and free to small businesses.