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    24 MAY 2011 列印 E-mail


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    Chief Secretary Henry Tang’s refusal to admit the existence of the property hegemony has hit the headlines. Some of the Chinese newspaper including Hong Kong Economic Journal, Apple Daily, Hong Kong Daily News, Sing Pao and AM730, which published the interview with Executive Council Convener Leung Chun-ying last Friday, published Tang’s interview with SCMP with the focus of his ideas of developmental issues in Hong Kong.

    Apple’s Editorial written by Lo Fung blasts Tang for his refusal to admit the existence of property hegemony. He argues property hegemony does exist in the city as the property developers have used their profit to invest in other industries excluding small businesses and depriving consumers’ choices.

    Tang did not further comment.


    • Tang posits himself well in line with the conservatives of the election committee of the Chief Executive election by providing us a cliché and false conceptualization of the acute problems we are facing.
    • Only Apple Daily is brave enough to take on Tang. It is not good to the city. Holding a senior position in the administration, Tang has his influence. People may buy in. In this sense, he helps protecting the property hegemony by refusing to admit its existence.
    • More discussion is needed to bring in diverse ideas and challenge the monopoly of ideas and thoughts.