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    25 MAY 2011 列印 E-mail


    Land and Housing Policies – cynicism


    • Ex-housing chief found having illegal structures at his home

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    • Education Secretary and ex-housing chief Mr. Suen Ming-yeung was found having illegal extension at his home in Happy Valley. But when Building Department sent him an order to remove it five years ago, he plainly ignored it. It was not till a magazine disclosed it yesterday he would take action then. Suen said: ‘I should have been more proactive and acted earlier to deal with this problem.’ But he refused to response if he would resign. It was the senior government official found with unauthorized additions to their homes.


    • How cynical it is. It seems two laws exist: one for saying and one for ignoring. No one especially the people with senior position will take serious of it. That’s bad to our society.
    • And don’t forget the building department. What did they do after finding their orders were ignored?
    • The crisis is escalating. The government should do something about it to regain its authority and legitimacy.
    • And it is likely that the government will do nothing. Cynicism is no.1 of SAR governance. What the society needs to do is to stop that vicious circle.