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    26 MAY 2011 列印 E-mail


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    • Chief Executive Election 2012

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    • Mrs. Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, one of the widely tipped candidates for chief executive and a member of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, said it was the government’s responsibility to enact Article 23 of the Basic Law that covers that national security legislation. She thinks the next government cannot avoid tackling this issue.
    • She also declined to say if she would run for chief executive. But she explained she would not declare yet if she was, as her expenses would then count against her election budget.


    • Although Mrs. Fan refused to be head of the Big Trio and said she had not made up her mind on whether to run for the position, what she said yesterday helped to lay down the agenda of the CE election next year.
    • However it is not the right time to reignite the Article 23 debate. Firstly, it is more of Beijing’s agenda than Hong Kong’s. Secondly, our hands are full of other hot issues such as wealth gap, competition law and constitutional development.