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    • According a poll made by the University of Hong Kong’s public opinion program on My 16 – 18, Chief Executive Donald Tsang’s support rating and Hong Kong people’s satisfaction with his administration dropped to the record low.
    • Only 27% of the 1,007 respondents said they had confidence in Tsang. Besides, his rating falls to 48.2 out of a possible 100 marks – down from 50 in the previous survey.
    • Program director Dr. Robert Chung said Tsang’s rating was approaching the critical level of 45 marks.
    • Mr. Ivan Choy chi-keung, a political analyst at CUHK, told SCMP the drop in Tsang’s popularity reflects Hong Kong people no longer have any expectations of the Tsang administration.


    • Tsang’s support rating may continue to fall as the poll was taken before the illegal structures scandal. The governance crisis will then be deepened.
    • Having no expectation of Tsang’s administration is a disaster to all.