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    2 JUN 2011 列印 E-mail




    • Lame-duck governance – illegal structures scandal

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    • After the Buildings Department asked the Chief Executive Donald Tsang either prove the glass panels on his mid-level apartment lawful or take it down, CE said he would have it dismantled ‘to put all things beyond doubt’.
    • Secretary for Development Carrie Lam said the government would be firm on law enforcement against illegal structures. But she insisted inspectors had to deal with cases that involved public safety first.


    • Tsang’s credibility crisis has deepened. Just six days ago, he had reminded officials to ensure their properties were free of illegal structures. And now he found himself caught in the middle of the scandal. Just One day ago, he defended himself by saying the flat in question may not be an offence. But he was immediately urged by the Buildings Dept to demolish the glass windows. What he said is immediately found not true. His integrity is highly questionable.
    • What he said has largely misled the public. A public apology should be made.
    • By saying an apology is not enough. He has to apologize in action. A task force involving pan-democrats, independent groups and professional has to be set up to monitor government’s action against illegal structures.