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    • The top-tipped candidate for the next Chief Executive and Chief Secretary, Mr. Henry Tang is alleged to use public resources for his election campaign.
    • A document titled ‘CEOProject_meeting’ was released to ‘Apple Daily’ by an unidentified source. The 45-paged document has names like Henry, Darryl, Denise and Winnie, which highly corresponds to Henry Tang, his press secretary Darryl Chan, GIS’s Chinese Editor Denise Kwok and Dr. Winnie Tang, the president of iProA.
    • Quoted an unidentified source, the report said Dr. Henry Tang; the iProA president helped building Tang’s website.
    • Chief Secretary Office said the CS’s official website has been constantly reviewed but it is never involved in any election campaign. Mr. Darryl Chan said he had never heard of the campaign website, and never engaged in the alleged meetings.


    • The report questioned if Civil servants had been helping Tang for his election campaign. If so, it may be breaching the civil service code.
    • The allegation also raises public eyebrows as it may undermine justice in the election process.