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    Land and Housing Policies


    • Illegal Structures

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    • Mrs. Carrie, Secretary for Development met Heung Yee Kuk Chief Lau Wong-fat yesterday to discuss how to handle the illegal structures in village houses. Although the government insisted extra storeys at all village houses should be torn down, the Kuk argued it only covered the small houses built after 1972.
    • Both held different views if glass houses should be demolished. Kuk representative lam Kowk-cheong said if glass houses did not occupy over half of the rooftop areas, they had the possibility to be reserved. However, Lam insisted all, regardless of size, should be demolished.
    • Mrs. Lam said three types of small-scale works such as a small canopy at the door, solar-power water heaters on rooftops and burglars bars on terraces, which were considered unauthorized work in the past, would be allowed from now on.


    • The government has not made itself clear if all the glass houses at rooftop should be cleared, causing unnecessary ambiguities in law enforcement.
    • Some members of Heung Yee Kuk, were found having illegal structures at their houses. And the illegal structures are still left untouched. It raised question if the government will be tough in enforcing law.