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    Land and Housing Policies


    • Killer blaze at divided Flats kills 5 and wounds 19

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    • A killer blaze killing five people and wounding 19 in ma Tau Wai yesterday highlighted the dangers of divided flats in Hong Kong’s rotten downtown core.
    • The building, which was built in 1957, had been partitioned into rental cubicles. It is reported an apartment was even divided into seven cubicles.


    • Mr. Lam Chun-man, former director of fire services told SCMP that subdivided flats often fell short of fire safety standards as the common corridor was too narrow, the doors were too thin, and some partitions lacked windows.
    • As property owners are waiting for flats to be bought for development, they are hesitated to spend in maintenance.
    • Mr. Vincent Ho Kui-yip, a spokesman for the Institute of Surveyors, said subdivided flats should be controlled by a licensing system.