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    17 JUN 2011 列印 E-mail




    • Alleged Cronyism

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    • Financial Secretary Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah admitted for the first time at the special meeting of the Legislative Council’s information technology and broadcasting panel that he named iProA as suitable candidate to run HK$220 million internet program before the selection process started.
    • Moreover, Bassanio So Chek-leung, Godfrey’s deputy at the time also told the panel that Mr. John Tsang’s political assistant, Frankie Yip had asked about the likelihood of iProA being chosen when an evaluation panel was still considering five bids for the project.
    • A motion raised by Democratic Party legislator Lee Wing-tat seeking a formal investigation into the incident using Legco’s special powers was blocked by the pro-establishment legislators.


    • Increasing evidence showed that the government had politically intervened the selection process.
    • However, as the motion moved by Pan-democrat to use special powers to investigate the incident had been rejected by the legCo, it is extremely hard for the public to know the truth.