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    Constitutional Development


    • Government’s amendment bill regarding the replacement mechanism for vacancies arising in the LegCo

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    • The Legislative Council Constitutional Affairs Panel held an 8-hour meeting last sat. Nearly hundred people or organizations attended the meeting. Half of the attending organizations rejected the government’s proposal, arguing that the proposal was absolutely absurd.
    • 63 academics signed a petition urging the government to drop the proposal. They argued it could undermine the political foundation in Hong Kong.
    • The Bar Association also submitted its views to the LegCo, arguing the proposal was incompatible with articles 26 and 68 of the Basic Law.
    • The Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau however disputed the Association’s interpretation, saying the proposal was in line with the Basic Law.


    • The government’s proposal will deprive Hong Kong people of their rights to vote for the candidate to fill the vacancy.
    • Besides, it will also deprive us of the rights to be elected in the by-elections.
    • The government should drop the proposal.