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    Land and Housing Policies


    • Calls for resumption of HOS resumed

    News Content

    • After Beijing’s director of Hong Kong Affairs, Wang Guangya voiced concern over the housing issue in Hong Kong, Chief Executive Donald Tsang took immediate response by saying Hong Kong home prices were quite frightening. He hinted more cooling measures may be introduced to slow market.
    • Financial Secretary John Tsang then said Chief Executive would then reveal whether to resume the Home Ownership Scheme in his policy address in October.


    • The SAR government rides on the housing issue to gain its political benefit.
    • The SAR government seems address the crying needs of the sandwich class – who is excluded from the public hosing but is not able to afford a flat in the private market. It turns blind eyes to the sufferings of the underclass.
    • The whole city seems falling into the myth of home ownership. There indeed is a diverse way of addressing the housing needs. The government fails to provide other alternatives, which is very disappointing.