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    23 JUN 2011 列印 E-mail


    Constitutional Development


    • Government’s attempt to scarp by-elections.

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    • The pan-democrats staged a walkout at a legislative Council committee yesterday after the motion to withdraw the bill which proposed to scrap the legCo by-elections was voted down by 13 votes to eight.
    • The pan-democratic said they protested against a legislative push by the government which showed little respect for public opinion. They later resigned from the bills committee, and called on public to make the issue the focus of the annual July 1 demonstration.
    • Cyd Ho, the Civic Act-up legislator criticized the government for its procedural violence, saying this is even worse than the legislative work on Article 23.


    • Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Stephen Lam is hasty to push forward the controversial bill, trying to complete the legislative process of the bill complete in 35 days, which is unprecedented.
    • The Bill has deprived the people’s right of electing and being elected in the legCo by-elections. It should be vetoed.