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    • Government’s proposal to scrap by-election for geographical constituency seat

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    • SCMP quoting a source close to Beijing’s liaison office reported today that the liaison office and the pro-establishment camp are pondering to two amendments of the government’s proposal to scrap the by-election for the geographical constituency in legislative Council.
    • Two reported amendments are: (1) allowing a midterm vacancy arising from death or serious illness to be filled by a by-election; (2) filling the vacancy with the next-in-line candidate on the same party’s list.
    • The DAB, pro-establishment party supported the second amendments. Professor Chen Hung-yee said the government should not ban by-elections called because a legislator dies or is seriously ill.
    • Secretary for Justice Wong Yan-lung yesterday defended the government’s proposal openly for the first time.


    • The two reported amendments are ‘fake concessions’. It still deprives people of right to vote and being voted.
    • The pro-establishment camp has not made any real concession. They do not ask the government to commence a public consultation on the proposal.
    • Hong Kong people are comfortable with the liaison office’s suggestion, as it may violate the principle of one country two systems.