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    • Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Stephen Lam gave details of a revised proposal for filling vacancies in the legislative council after meeting the members of a bills committee yesterday.
    • According to the revised proposal, the next candidate on the same list as the legislator who resigns, dies or is disqualified during his four-year term will get the seat.
    • If that person is not willing to take or is no longer qualified, or if no one else is on the list, then the seat will go to the candidate next in line in terms of the number of ballots their slate received in the election.
    • A By-election will be held only if the vacancy still cannot be filled.
    • Lam said the revised proposal will be able to withstand court challenges.


    • The revised proposal still deprives people of the right to vote and be voted.
    • Lam insisted no public consultation will be conducted.