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    • Government’s attempt to scrap the by-elections of legislative Council

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    • After the Bar Association issued the fourth warning against the government’s bill to scrap the Legislature by-elections, the Secretary for Justice Wong yan-lung and Secretary for Constitutional Affairs Stephen lam Sui-lung made a legal defense on the revised proposal.
    • Wong insisted the revised proposal is in line with the Basic Law. Citing a Court of Final Appeal judgment, Wong insisted the government had the discretion to decide the method for filling the midterm vacancies in Legco.
    • Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen defended the revised proposal, urging public to support it.
    • However, 13 pro-government and independent legislators said they were still undecided on which way to vote.


    • By simply asserting government’s discretion to decide the method for filling midterm vacancies in legco, Secretary for Justice failed to safeguard the public interest. He has disappointed the Hong Kong people.
    • It is wrong for Chief Executive to defend the proposal. He should withdraw the proposal.