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    5 JUL 2011 列印 E-mail


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    • Government’s bill to scrap the LegCo by-election

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    • After failing to reach a sufficient vote to get the controversial bill pass, the government announced yesterday to postpone the vote on the bill and promise to consult public for two months.
    • Chief Secretary Henry Tang who announced the government’s decision yesterday however said the consultation will be based on the government’s revised proposal unveiled last Tuesday. He insisted the government proposal was constitutional and legal, as well as reasonable and rational.
    • Chief Executive Donald Tsang still defended the bill, saying the public was strongly opposed to legislators resigning to trigger by-elections as a means to achieve so-called referendums.
    • A pan-democratic legislator, Lee Cheuk-yan criticized the consultation as a sham as it would be based on the government’s revised package.
    • Dr. Ma Ngok’s analysis is worth nothing. He believed the delay was aimed at avoiding undermining the prospects of government-friendly parties in Nov’s district council elections and next year’s legco election.


    • Public can’t agree more on Lee Cheuk Yan’s comments on the delay. Although the government has postponed the legco vote on the bill, the two-month consultation would be based on the government’s revised proposal unveiled last Tuesday. It is biased consultation.
    • The government’s will is still strong. Ma’s point is worth pointing.
    • A tough war seems unavoidable.