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    • Government’s bill to scrap the LegCo by-election

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    • Civic Act-up legislator Cyd Ho said the belated consultation on the controversial bill to scrap the legco by-elections has already breached the government’s own internal consultation guidelines.
    • According to a general circular issued by the Director of Administration, there should be no pretext to a consultation. Public opinion must be sought before making any drastic policy change.
    • However the government said the consultation would be based upon the ideas set forth in a bill designed to scarp the legco by-elections.
    • Pan-democrat legislators have asked Lam to quit for his negligence in carrying out duties on the controversial bill.
    • Lam however said the consultation would be open. And the government would publish all the submissions we receive.


    • The belated consultation has even breached the government’s internal guidelines. The consultation should be open, and should not be based upon the ideas put forth in the controversial bill.
    • Lam should be responsible for all the mess. And he is no longer fit for the job.