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    • Quoting an unidentified source, SCMP reports today Beijing may have to indicate its preference for the next chief executive as early as October so as to ease out the in-fighting among its allies.
    • The source, which is believed to be pro-Beijing politician, said Beijing originally planned to make its position known in January, two months ahead of the March 25 election. But as the mainland officials were concerned about the growing hostility within the camp, so Beijing may have to indicate its preference as early as October.
    • The politician said mainland officials will signal their preference with influential people in Hong Kong’s pro-establishment camp.
    • It is reported that Chief Secretary Henry Tang remains the candidate favored by many mainland officials.


    • It tells the chief executive election is nothing but a small circle election with Beijing blessing.
    • It is important to implement universal suffrage to put the principle of one country two systems into real practice.