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    • Legco By-election saga

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    • Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Stephen Lam Sui-lung made a frank statement yesterday, saying the option the government prefers is the one that is challenge proof, i.e., to replace the legislator with a candidate from the same party in the previous election.
    • After giving a series of radio interviews yesterday, Lam said the other options might not be desirable if studies in details.
    • Quoting an unidentified source, SCMP reports today that the government lawyers think all the options constitutional, lawful and reasonable. And a similar legal opinion was gained from outside the government, including Profess or Albert Chan Hung-yee, who showed his support to the government proposal last Friday.


    • The public consultation had been launched just a few days. The government is just impatient, and just says it in an indirect way. No public opinion is needed indeed, as the government has already made its choice. What a fake consultation. It only lasted for three days.
    • What the government cares is not whether it is approved by the public. Rather it is legally watertight, and then everything will be fine.