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    Democracy and Reform resources centre is a resource centre that supports the promotion of the development of a fully democratic system of governance for Hong Kong by 2012

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    George CautherleyWith so much activity coming up on the democracy front, Green Paper, DC elections and LegCo by-election, it is timely for the Democracy Depot resource centre and web site to be established. DD should become the “one stop shop” knowledge base on democracy issues for the Hong Kong community.

    photo_08 Audrey Eu: Democracy is not for a few but everyone. And Democracy Depot is here to serve everyone dedicated to the cause.
    photo_07 Lee Kok-long: Democracy and Universal Suffrage are the critical elements for Hong Kong to develop healthily. Keep ourselves healthy and fight for Democracy!
    2012, Universal Suffrage
    photo_03 Emily LauDemocracy is not a gift from Beijing.
    photo_01 Charles MokAs a modern international city and financial center, Hong Kong should improve our mechanisms to protect property, disclose information, encourage social participation and enhance transparency, rather than continue to protect certain minority self-interest.  Democracy and universal suffrage are critical for Hong Kong’s economic competitiveness as a modern society.
    photo_06 Albert HoWe have been waiting for 20 years. We want a true and real democratic election.