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    • Legco By-election saga

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    • The government officially launched a two-month public consultation on whether the legco by-elections be scrapped. Four options are provided, which include: (1) Giving the seat to the department candidate’s running mate in the last election; (2) restricting legislators who resign from the standing in by-election in the same legco term; (3) holding a by-election only if the legislator is seriously ill or dead; (4) leaving the seat vacant till next election.
    • Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Stephen Lam Sui-lung, did not respond directly when asked if the public want the by-election be kept. He insisted the government had a duty to close the loophole.
    • Civic party legislator Ronny Tong argues all four options might breach the Basic Law.


    • The consultation is so biased that the government is not open to all possible options as keeping the status quo is not listed as one of options.
    • Secondly, the government does not pay due respect to the public as the government is not ready to take the option which is not listed but possibly widely supported by the majority, in this case, that is maintain the status quo.
    • Thirdly, Lam is not responsible. The government should clear up the problems of constitutionality before laying out the consultation document.