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    27 JUL 2011 列印 E-mail


    One Country Two Systems Principle


    • Overseas domestic helpers campaigning for right of abode

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    • History may mark the day of August 22 2011. A Philippine domestic helper, who has worked in Hong Kong for 25 years, will put her case in the Court of First Instance on that day that she would be given permanent residency.
    • Mark Daly, human rights lawyer and solicitor for the domestic helper said the Immigration Ordinance, which says a person shall not be treated as ordinarily resident in HK…while employed as a domestic helper who is from outside HK, is unconstitutional.
    • However, Joseph Law, chairman of the Hong Kong Employers of Domestic Helpers Association, said he would ask the Hong Kong government to seek an interpretation of the Basic Law from China, if the rule is in favor of the maids. He thinks Hong Kong cannot accommodate such a large influx into the population.


    • Seeking an interpretation of the Basic Law from China should not be one of the options. It is a real challenge to the ‘One-Country-Two-systems’ principle and the rule of law in Hong Kong.
    • Long before the case is heard, the vowing to seek for an interpretation of the Basic Law is a bluff, trying to incite public fear and manipulate public opinion. It is another example of populist rule. Remember the Hong Kong’s right of abode campaign in 1999.