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    29 JUL 2011 列印 E-mail


    One Country Two Systems Principle


    • Beijing’s top official on Hong Kong Affairs criticized civil servants for lack of vision.

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    • Chief Executive Donald Tsang took two days to hit back Wang’s criticism that the SAR’s civil servants are lack of vision. On his facebook page, Upper Albert Road, Tsang said, The team of the SAR government, both the political appointees and the civil servants, have been working for Hong Kong’s long-term interest. ‘We formulate policy together.’
    • He stressed that the policy address, which will be delivered this October, will put forward feasible short-term, mid-term and long-term measures to handle housing problem, narrow the rich-poor gap, raise the living standard of grassroots people, improve retirement scheme and provide better support for the elderly.


    • Under the politically appointment system, the secretary and deputy secretary shoulder the policy formulation and development while the civil servants take part of policy implementation. Hardly both will formulate the policy together.
    • The track record will tell whether Tsang’s governance do has a vision. It is not. He failed to ease the rich-poor gap. He failed to slow down the spiraling property price.