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    Social Security Policy


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    • A District Judge openly criticized the Social Welfare Department for heartless after finding the dept suspended the welfare benefits to the family of a woman while it investigated her for benefit fraud.
    • Although Judge Eddie Yip convicted the 48 years old woman of fraud, he questioned the Social Welfare Dept’s dealing with the case: ‘The policy of the Social Welfare Department is really uncompassionate. It was the woman who cheated the department, but why was her family also punished?
    • He also challenged the logic of a Court of Appeal sentencing guideline in which a dole cheat might be sentenced to community service and be spared a jail term if he or she could repay the money. But if the benefit cheat is poor and less capable, he would be jailed.


    • The Social Welfare Department has to explain why the benefits to the family were cut while it investigated the woman for benefit fraud. It was unfair to her and her family. The Social Welfare Department is supposed to provide a helping hand for those in need. The case the department failed to do so.
    • It is yet to see which part of the system goes wrong. The frontline staff? The middle management? Or the senior management? Or the whole administration has to reflect on the judge’s remarks. Why is the poor punished?