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    • Chief Executive Election

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    • The Democratic Party has decided to field a candidate in next year’s chief executive election. And they also proposed to run a primary election within pan-democratic camp to pick the candidate for the entire sector.
    • The Party chairman Albert Ho said the primary election would help build the mechanism for intra-camp cooperation and will be a process of direct public engagement. The Democrats believe it will help the pan-democratic camp better equip for the universal suffrage expected in 2017.
    • However the Civic Party seems not convinced by the idea of the primary election, arguing it would be better to use the limited resources to fight the by-election replacement bill.
    • And the League of Social Democrats did not support the Democrats’ idea of taking part the CE election as they believe it would only legitimize the small circle election.


    • It is still yet to know if the primary election would help reunite the fragmented pan-democratic camp. Technology solely cannot help narrow the political gaps. It should be solved by negotiations within the pan-democratic camp.
    • While using resources to run the primary election, why not make it a bigger one, i.e. running a city-wide civic CE election through tablet.
    • It is a good move to take part in next year’s chief executive election as it helps defeat the political apathy.