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    One Country Two Systems Principle


    • Rights of abode issue for foreign domestic helpers

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    • Mr. Wang Guangya, director of the State Council’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office was quoted as saying that the Basic Law should not be amended easily, rejecting it as an option for solving the disputes over the rights of abode of the foreign domestic helpers.
    • After meeting with Wang, New People’s Party chairwoman Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee said Wang was cautious about expressing a view on possible interpretation, saying the party should talk to Hong Kong government.


    • An amendment of the Basic Law may be a better option than an interpretation as it is less arbitrary and allows Hong Kong people to participate in the whole process.
    • Seeking Beijing’s interpretation towards the Basic Law is not an option as it definitely erodes the foundation of rule of law in Hong Kong and undermines Hong Kong’s judicial independence.