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    11 AUG 2011 列印 E-mail


    Land and Housing Policies


    • Property Hegemony

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    • A latest poll by Chinese University’s Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies revealed that 78 percent of respondents believe ‘property hegemony’ existed in Hong Kong.
    • The survey of 832 people aged over 18 found up to 85% of respondents were familiar with the concept of ‘property hegemony’.
    • 50% of the respondents said the government could control the supply of land and housing, therefore restricting the developers’ dominance over politics and economy.


    • Although Chief Secretary Henry Tang insisted ‘property hegemony’ did not exist in Hong Kong, the people held a different view. Not only they are familiar with the concept, but also believe Hong Kong has such a problem.
    • The dominance of property developers over politics and economy is on the top of public agenda. The government should face upon it. A drastic change of housing policy should be made.