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    One Country Two Systems Principle


    • Vice-Premier Li’s visit to Hong Kong

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    • Visiting Vice-Premier Li KeQiang announced a package for more than 30 measures to boost the local economy by strengthening Hong Kong’s role in the internationalization of the Yuan.
    • One of the key measures is to support the stock market by allowing mainland investors to invest in Hong Kong stocks by launching the index-tracking Exchange Traded Fund backed by a portfolio of Hong Kong stocks.
    • Andrew Fung, the head of treasury and investment at HS Bank, quoted by SCMP, said: ‘China is speeding up its pace of internationalizing the currency by these new measures.’
    • Johnny Lau, the current affairs commentator familiar with China politics, said Beijing is of the view that if economic issues are not handled properly, they would escalate into political problems.


    • The key measure announced by Li is yet to solve the city’s deep-rooted conflicts. Without a sound economic and social change, the measure itself only helps widen the rich-poor gap.