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    One Country Two Systems Principle


    • Vice-Premier Li’s visit to Hong Kong

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    • Vice-Premier Li KeQiang ended his three-day visit with a breakfast with property tycoon and public outcry over police’s tighter security treatment against activists during his stay.
    • The latest example of the police heavy-handed treatment came as Li visited the University of Hong Kong yesterday. Three students were dragged to the ground. One of them was locked up for an hour.
    • 100 protestors led by LSD legislator Leung Kwok-hung was stopped by more than 20 police on a footbridge leading to the new government headquarters at Tamar, Admiralty. A red bamboo coffin was destroyed during the confrontation.
    • It was said between 2,000 and 3,000 police officers were mobilized to protect Li each day.
    • Police chief Andy Tsang Wai-hung said the measures taken were necessary to ensure Li’s safety. But the chairman of the legislative council’s security panel, James To said the police were not protecting Li but had tried to prevent him from being embarrassed.


    • The heavy treatment has hampered the freedom of expression in Hong Kong.
    • The police have to explain why such tight security is made. Without a detailed explanation, the tight security is totally unnecessary, and thus a waste of public money.