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    24 Sep 2010 列印 E-mail


    Education Policy


    • New Four-year Degree System

    News Content

    • Professor Tony Chan Fan-cheong, president of the Hong Kong university of Science and Technology and convenor of the Head of Universities Committee said Hong Kong needs 1,000 more professors to cope with the launch of a new four-year degree system.
    • Chan said the HKUST was short of 100 professors. CUHK said it needed 200 more, and HKU said it needed 200 more professors.
    • Chan said the recruitment of top overseas talent was a big challenge for the university.
    • Today’s SCMP said the intense competition is pushing up academic salaries, but no details are given therefore it is yet to see how the academic salaries will have changed.


    • Perhaps, most of the city’s universities tend to eye on global talent or people with overseas qualifications to meet up with the challenge of the new four-year degree system. It is still unknown to see how the global talent can contribute to the production/creation/dissemination of knowledge with local and regional characteristics and concern. That’s the problem of how global wisdom can connect to the local specificity. It seems more has to be done to ensure a better connection.
    • Secondly, it is still yet to see how much resources will be spent on the production/dissemination of general knowledge like humanities, language, history or artistic education.
    • Any career path for the locally-trained academics?