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    27 Sep 2010 列印 E-mail


       Economic Policy


    • Economic connections between Hong Kong and the mainland

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    • In its newly released study report on HK’s Roles and Positioning in the Economic Development of the Nation, the Greater Pearl River Delta Business Council urged the central authorities to support and promote the development of Hong Kong’s services industry, especially the six priority industries when drawing up the 12th Five-Year Plan Outline.
    • According to SCMP, the council’s report recommends that a joint customs information database be set up to reduce repetitive vetting procedures for the flow of people and good between Hong Kong and Guangdong.
    • It also calls for more border crossings to be open 24-hour a day. And the report also urges the central and Hong Kong governments to explore ways to develop the city into an offshore RMB centre.
    • Mr. Victor Fung Kwok-king, the chairman of the Greater Pearl River Delta Business Council said Hong Kong firm should gradually shift their focus away from exporting products manufactured on the mainland to overseas countries and towards extending their distribution networks north of the border.


    • Perhaps, the economic integration between Hong Kong and the mainland should be rephrased as connection between Hong Kong and the mainland.
    • Hong Kong’s economic connection to mainland has a long history. And some of the connections are alleged to have been monopolized. It is important for the government to review current mainland-HK economic policy before envisioning a new cross-border economic connection.
    • The definition of the six priority industries should be broadened.