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    29 Sep 2010 列印 E-mail


       Healthcare Policy


    • ExCo approves voluntary health insurance plan

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    • SCMP quoting people familiar with the voluntary health insurance plan said young adults will pay about HK150 a month while healthy people aged 60 or above will pay about HK$450. High-risk patients’ monthly premiums will be as high as HK$750.
    • In order to attract young people to join the scheme, the government proposes 30% discount on premiums will be given to people who join before the age of 30. People enroll in the first year of the scheme’s launch will also enjoy 30% discount.
    • The proposed insurance will cover at least half of the cost of basic in-patient services at private hospitals, such as surgical procedures and accommodation in third-class wards. Out-patient consultations and cosmetic surgery will not be covered.
    • A public consultation will be launched next week.


    • Who will be benefited from the scheme? The insurance companies? The patients? The government?
    • The scheme fails to provide the healthcare services for all. The chronically ill patient is likely to be excluded. It is said the chronically ill will only be able to claim 100% of their medical fees in the fourth year after they enroll the scheme, and in the first year of coverage they will not be reimbursed for treatment of pre-existing conditions.
    • The medical services they scheme provide is incomplete. Out-patient consultation will not be covered.