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    30 Sep 2010 列印 E-mail


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    • Lau’s possible conflict of interest

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    • After being accused of having a conflict of interest by failing to declare his property deals, Mr. Lau Wong-fat asked for evidence that he had gained a profit after hearing insider information from Exco.
    • He asked the public to be fair. He said: ‘It is unreasonable to keep trampling on a person.’ Before returning to Hong Kong last night, Lau said he would explain if he failed to make a declaration or whether the delay was an oversight once he returns to his office today. He said: “I will give the public a thorough explanation.


    • As a key government advisor, Lau holds a greater responsibility to the public, and thus is bound by a higher moral standard.
    • When Lau was appointed as executive councilor last year, he was named as the richest person in the Exco. His deep connection with the business sector has sparked public outcry. Commentators had asked if Lau had to be absent in the meetings on infrastructure projects in order to avoid possible conflict of interest. It is yet to see if the suggested measures had been taken. Lau’s alleged failure to declare his property deals may provide another evidences that public worries are well founded.