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    4 Oct 2010 列印 E-mail


       Freedom of expression


    • Police’s use of pepper spray against protester outside the central government liaison office on National Day

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    • Over a hundred people, led by the League of Social Democrats took to the street at the National Day to protest against the Tiananmen crackdown and call for an end of the one-party rule in China.
    • The police took all administrative means to stop the protesters getting close to the office, infuriate people to break through the cordon so as to present the paper-made coffin to the liaison office.
    • The police however used the pepper spray to stop the protesters from getting close to the office. Five people were arrested and released on bail later
    • The Commissioner of police Tang King-sing however said the police dealt with the incident like any other, but resorted to a suitable amount of force when a small group of demonstrators acted radically and continually breached the police’s defenses.


    • The police’s use of pepper spray is totally unnecessary. If the ‘coffin’ is allowed to be presented to the office, the clashes will be definitely avoided.
    • It unnecessary use of force has put a limit on the freedom of expression.
    • A thorough review should be conducted.