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    13 Oct 2010 列印 E-mail


       Governance Crisis  


    • Lau’s response to the unpermitted use on his rural site.

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    • Grand Gain Investment, in which Lau Wong-fat is a major shareholder, said yesterday that it has been unaware of the existence of the war game business on the rural plot they own in Pai Lai, Yuen Long until informed by the Planning Department in December last year.
    • It said it had hired another company, Yellow River Engineering, to manage and lease the site since 2008. Grand Gain said it issued a warning letter to the war game operator in March, but Yellow River, without informing Grand Gain, signed a short-term lease with the operator, on the condition that he had to leave if his application for per mission for the business from the Town Planning Board failed.
    • Lau said: ‘As the saying goes, it’s lonely when you reached the top.’


    • Grand Gain’s explanation fails to ease public worries.