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    • Tsang’s Second Last Policy Address

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    • Land and Housing: (a)creating land reserve that will produce 20,000 private flats annually over the next 10 years; (b) 5,000 small and medium flats will be built under ‘My Home Purchase Plan’ (the rent-to-own scheme)in collaboration with the Hong Kong Housing Society; (c) Setting up a steering committee to discuss specific issues on regulating the sale of first-hand flats by legislation and put forward recommendations within one year, including the use of saleable floor area as the only basis for listing the price per square foot; (d)imposing an overall cap of 10% for a number of features which qualify for concession;(e) temporarily removal of real estates from the investment asset classes under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme
    • Poverty Reduction: (a) HK$10 billion Community Care Fund will be set up to support people in need.
    • Support for SMEs: Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation exploring the setting up of a market-oriented loan guarantee scheme to provide sustainable platform for obtaining credit;
    • Article 23: no legislation under Article 23 of the Basic Law under the current term of government


    • Land and Housing: The government attempts to cool down the overheated property market by providing more supply (private flats and subsidized housing) and regulating the sale of the first-hand flats. However, without expanding the supply of public housing and allowing more people to rent a house (rather than buy a flat), the effectiveness of the current measures is still questionable.
    • Poverty Reduction: The Community Care Fund is a short-term measure against the growing gap between rich and poor. Long-term measures should be taken to tackle the structural challenges. Although there are repeated calls from the community that the anti-poverty committee should be set up again, the government has just turned a deaf ear. What Bureau/depart is going to run the CCF? Thirdly, it is yet to see what is the beneficiary of CCF? The household under CSSA? The newly immigrants? Fourthly, how is it different from the existing poverty-reduction funding e.g. CIIF or Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Program?