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    15 Oct 2010 列印 E-mail


       Land and Housing


    • Rent-to-buy Scheme

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    • Chief Executive Donald Tsang said yesterday at the legislative Council that the rent-to-buy scheme could be expanded if the response was good.
    • Tsang said the rent-to-by scheme is an improved version of HOS. He said the government should focus on offering public rental units to the needy, instead of building flats to sell.
    • He urged the legislators to let the people decide which scheme they think is the better.
    • Secretary for Transport and Housing Eva Cheng said the scheme can address the biggest concern of homebuyers of being unable to afford a down payment.


    • Limited Subsidies: Only half of the tenants’ rental fees will be reimbursed, which may serve as a down payments for them to buy the flats. It is definitely insufficient as the down payment may amount to a million dollars for 500 sq. feet flat. The aspiring flat owners have to save up to HK$450,000 to buy a flat, which puts much pressure on them.