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    18 Oct 2010 列印 E-mail


       Land and Housing Policy


    • CE: the government would not implement radical housing policies

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    • Chief Executive Donald Tsang said at a radio program that as it was necessary to consider the interests of various people, the government would not implement radical housing policies.
    • He said: ‘those who have bought properties surely don’t want the housing market to tumble; those who haven’t bought any would like the government to repress prices; the sandwich class would like more subsidized flats; those waiting for public housing would like more land devoted to that.
    • Secretary for Development Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-Ngor said the policy aimed to control the ‘inflated buildings’ will not go into effect until April, and she is looking at administrative measures to prevent developers rushing through submission for building plans before new measures take effect early next year.
    • It is said the new policy caps the amount of floor area that can be given to green features and amenities. Facilities and features like balconies and clubhouse should not exceed 10% of the total gross floor area of a development.


    • CE’s seemingly convincing statement is regrettable. It simply says people’s demand is mutually exclusive. It does nothing but create an internal conflict within the people who wish to live in a decent way. Rather than articulating commons, Mr. Tsang, the leader of Hong Kong, however creates ‘unresolved’ gaps and differences.
    • Why is radical housing policy bad (or evil)?
    • Whose interests are best served by the new housing policy?