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    19 Oct 2010 列印 E-mail


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    • Octopus Saga

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    • The Office of the Privacy Commissioner said the Octopus Holdings had violated three data protection principles, including collecting excessive personal data and selling it for monetary gain. Commissioner Allan Chiang Yam-wang said the members of the Octopus reward program were deceived.
    • Instead of issuing an enforcement notice, according to SCMP, the Office has accepted an undertaking from Octopus that it would within two months destroy and erase its members’ identity card numbers and birth dates from its data base. The office explained an enforcement notice could only be issued if it was likely that a contravention would continue.
    • Octopus said it noted the privacy commissioner’s investigation results and would respond today.


    • The privacy commissioner has not fully exercised his rights to issue an enforcement notice.
    • Lawmaker James To Kun-sun said the lack of a penalty would encourage other companies to continue the practice.