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    20 Oct 2010 列印 E-mail


       Labor Policy


    • Maximum Working Hours

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    • In his Policy Address, the Chief Executive has said the government will conduct on a policy study on standard working hours.
    • A survey conducted by the University of Hong Kong’s public opinion program and commissioned by Community Business found 39% of the 1,009 respondents aged 15 and above say they work too many hours and would consider changing jobs for a more balances life.
    • And 61.5% among the post-80s generation they would consider changing job if they were offered better working conditions.
    • It also found near 60% of employees complained of prolonged fatigue, and 35% suffered from insomnia due to work pressure. Industries with the longest working hours are food and beverage, hotels, transport and sales.
    • The survey showed the average working hours per week this year was 48.7 hours, a slight increase over last year’s 48.4, and 8.7 hours more than the standard 40 hours advocated by the International Labor Organization.


    • The survey concluded working long hours continues to be a common problem facing our workforce, and people’s expectation has changed in favor of a more balanced work-life style.
    • The survey said the work-life balance of Hong Kong’s work force ‘is still far from ideal’, and more flexible work arrangements to achieve better work-life balance is urged.