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    28 Oct 2010 列印 E-mail


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    • Pan-democratic ex-lawmaker on vote-inducement charge

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    • SCMP reported today that former Civic Party lawmaker Mandy Tam Heung man was arrested by the ICAC yesterday and charged with offering voters a free seminar in an attempt to gain their votes.
    • The seminar was held on September 5 2008, two days before the legislative Council elections, in which Tam stood for and lost the accountancy functional constituency seat.
    • Tam told RTHK: ‘It is very clear I am being prosecuted for political reasons.’ She continues: ‘If I had not opposed the government's political reform proposal in 2005, the situation would be different.


    • Civic Party leader Audrey Eu told SCMP that she did not know whether this was a political prosecution, ‘but what I find strange is that these kinds of continuing education seminars are very common in professional sectors.