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    29 Oct 2010 列印 E-mail


       Land and Housing Policy


    • Compulsory Sale Ordinance

    News Content

    • After a Lai Sun Development executive vowed to use the law of compulsory sale to force a family noodle shop in Sham Shui po to surrender, the owner of the shop turned to the society for help by calling a press conference last Sunday.
    • The call prompted the Development Bureau to clarify that the building is only 36 years old and the law, which covers buildings 50 years or older, does not apply. This implied the family would not face the threat of compulsory sale till the building reached 50 years old.
    • The Executive said he had just made a mistake when he stated in a July interview with the Hong Kong Economic Journal. He told SCMP that: ‘I did personally believe the law was applicable to this building during the interview.


    • Concern group believes the incident raised the possibility of others being misled into selling.
    • Democratic Party legislator James To said the government should step up education and publicity to prevent such misunderstanding.  

    Press for Action

    • The government should raise the threshold of compulsory sale back to 90 percent.
    • The throwaway mentality should be thrown away.