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    China Policy Studies (3) Certificate Programme 列印 E-mail



    China Policy Studies (3) Certificate Programme


    本課程適合 / This course is suitable for

    需要深入了解中國國情的學術界人士、政策研究員及政界精英 / Academic specialists, policy researchers and political elites who look for in-depth understanding and reflection of China's past and present conditions.

    學習中國通識的老師及同學 / Teacher and students who have to teach or study in the Liberal Education or General Education curriculum related to China.

    縱橫中國及香港各領域的專業人士(方便需要作「持續專業進修  Continuing Professional Development」的朋友修讀) / Professionals who work in various fields in China and Hong Kong (welcome to peoplewho look for education opportunity on “ Continuing Professional Development”)

    有志研究中國整體社會,認識政治與歷史的朋友 / People who are interested in China's social, economic, political and historical development