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    ----- 於2008年6月20日《香港商報》

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    ----- 於2008年6月24日《星島日報》

    July First: End of the Road or a New Beginning? 列印 E-mail

    Suzanne Pepper

    Now that the July First anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese sovereignty has been transformed into a day of competing partisan street demonstrations, all morning-after spin naturally follows in the same spirit. This year’s post-mortems have only been more intense than usual because they are not just burnishing memories for posterity but laying down markers and mobilizing support for the next round of Hong Kong’s never-ending political reform debate due to begin later this year. Toward this end, attention focused overwhelmingly on pan-democrats’ afternoon protest march and its political significance.

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    ----- 於2008年6月25日《信報財經新聞》

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